With reference to the voluntary Official Public Offering pursuant to art. 102,  paragraph 1, Legislative Decree 24 February 1998 n. 58 (the Offer) promoted by Chiara Finanziaria s.r.l. (the Offeror), on the entire share capital of Caltagirone Editore S.p.A. (the Shares) not owned directly or indirectly by Mr. Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone, by Mr. Alessandro Caltagirone, by Mr. Francesco Caltagirone and by Mrs. Azzurra Caltagirone, as well as the treasury shares owned by the Caltagirone Editore S.p.A. This disclaimer is to inform the public that the Offer is made on equal terms to all shareholders but it is promoted only on the Italian market. The Offer has not been and will not be made in the United Staes or other territory under the jurisdiction of the United States (collectively, the USA); or it has not been and will not be directed neither to any U.S. Person (as defined by the Securities Act of 1933 and subsequent modifications) nor it has been or it will be directed to Australia, Canada, Japan or to any other State other than Italy where the Offer would be subject to national Authorities authorization (hereinafter Other Countries), neither using postal or any other communication service or international trade (including, as an example,  fax, mail, telex, telephone, internet ) of the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan or of Other Countries, nor through any branch or structure belonging to any financial intermediary of the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan or of Other Countries, nor any regulated market of the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan or of Other Countries. Therefore the acceptance of the Offer by investors residents in Countries other than Italy may be subject to specific obligations and restrictions pursuant to their home country legislation. It is the exclusive responsibility of each recipient of the Offer to adhere to such legal provisions and, before accepting the Offer, to check the existence and the applicability even asking their advisors, in order to be compliant with such legal provisions before accepting the Offer. The Offeror will discard any Offer acceptance made as a consequence of a solicitation not compliant to the above stated restrictions. The Offer Document, the documents and any information contained in this section of the web site does not represent and cannot be interpreted as an offer of a financial instrument to a US resident or to any resident in Australia, Canada, Japan or in Other Countries. Whoever receives such documents shall refrain from distributing them, directly or indirectly, to and from the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan or Other Countries, or to a US Person.

Whoever intends to view the Offer Document and all the other documents contained in this section of the website, must carefully read and fully understand the above disclaimer. By pressing "Accept" you declare: to fully understand the content of the disclaimer; to accept to abide by its restrictions; not to be a US Person; not to be physically  present in the USA; not to be resident in USA, Australia, Canada, Japan or in Other Countries.


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